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Children Dentistry

At Sunshine Smile Dental at Lewisville, we offer a comprehensive range of treatments for children in a comfortable, and fun environment. We understand that children have unique needs, and it is normal that they may have a lot of anxieties or fearful about undergoing dental treatment. We take great care in making our procedures as comfortable as possible for all our patients, and your child's appointment will be comfortable and enjoyable. Our entire dental team is committed to helping your child maintain healthy teeth and gums for many years to come!

Treatment for Children and Teens

Soon after your child has reached his or her third birthday, it is usually a good time for their first dental visit. This will typically involve a brief oral evaluation and treatment if necessary. Digital x-rays may be taken to check the progress of the teeth, or to reveal any decay that may have formed. When necessary, they may need a professional teeth cleaning and fluoride treatment to protect against decay. We will also provide a number of helpful tips on the best care for your child’s teeth at home.

For very young children who are visiting the dentist for the first time, it may be beneficial to prepare them by reading books about going to the dentist and giving them positive information about what they can expect during their visit. We also encourage you to bring your child in to see the office and take a ride in our dental chair so that the child can become comfortable before their actual first visit.

Preventive Care

As your child gets older and the permanent teeth begin to come in, the focus tends toward preventive care to prevent problems from occurring later in life. Dental sealants are often applied on chewing surfaces to prevent decay. If your child already has cavities, we can often treat the affected teeth with tooth-colored fillings to eliminate the decay and provide strength and protection.

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